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    Welcome to Gaddy Vision

    Gaddy Vision is committed to providing high quality eye care to South Mississippi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. While we provide the most advanced medical and surgical ophthalmological treatments using state of the art technology, we consider it equally important, that these services are administered in a caring and compassionate environment. We are a faith based practice and trust in God to guide us in our medical and surgical treatments. We respect and acknowledge all people, without regard to ethnicity, nationality , or sexual orientation, and our goal is to provide healing and comfort to all.

    In pursuing our mission we commit to you these principals.

    • To provide our patients with the most advanced, but not experimental, care that is consistent with their best interest.
    • Our skill, knowledge, and experience are for the benefit of all of our patients without regard to race, creed or socioeconomic group.
    • Dr. Gaddy and staff are committed to staying abreast of the latest advances in eye care through independent study, ongoing attendence to local and national meetings, as well as participating in free and open exchange with their peers.

    Our Eye Services

    Our Services To Give Best Care For Your Eyes

    Contact Lens

    Contact lenses can be a wonderful alternative to glasses. They provide excellent cosmetic and optical benefits when properly fit. 

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    Vision Optique is our full-service optical shop located conveniently in Gulfport at our Cowan-Lorriane Road(Exit 38 off I-10)  office.

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    Family Eye Care

    Dr. Gaddy routinely see patients of all ages. In addition to comprehensive eye care for adults, Gaddy Vision is an excellent choice for

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    Gaddy Vision sets the highest standard in the treatment of cataracts by combining state-of-the-art technology, outstanding surgical

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    Dry eyes

    Gaddy Vision offers the latest therapies in the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome, including punctual plugs, Restasis, and many others. If

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    Glaucoma Treatment

    Glaucoma is a major cause of blindness in the US and the world. The danger of glaucoma is because it is so slowly progressive, it is

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    Retinal Disease

    The retina is the part of the eye that turns light into vision. It is critically important to preserve this vital component of the

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